Fiat's All-New Electric Minivan Is Packed With Tech

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It could make an ideal Ram minivan in the US.

It's now common knowledge that Stellantis is on a fast-track strategy to creating a conclusive electrified offering throughout a series of segments. Its recent roadmap conference gave us an idea of what we can expect in the short-term such as the first-ever fully electric Jeep and the highly anticipated Ram 1500 EV which is due in 2024.

There's also an understanding that it hopes to maintain its dedication to the commercial segments via its vans and other large trucks but so far, we haven't seen any form of electrification being applied to the vital but somewhat outdated Ram ProMaster City range. This is despite Ford already pushing forward with a well-received e-Transit range.

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A new reveal from its European relative may give us a glimpse of what we can expect from Ram's future EV plans. The Fiat E-Ulysse is the second all-electric model to be introduced to the Italian brand as it follows the third-generation Fiat 500's direction. This is relevant to Ram because its current ProMaster range sources its platform from Fiat products such as the Ducato, meaning the same could be applied here.

Fiat describes its E-Ulysse as a mobile living room that can be had in 12 different configurations with a maximum of eight seats. In a five-seater layout, the reclining seats are fitted with individual armrests and a foldable table can be placed in the middle to create a social setting. The seven-seater and eight-seater models are highly configurable thanks to the implementation of a seat railing system. It's also remarkably advanced with tri-zone climate control and a new air sanitizing device to keep the air you breathe free of impurities. Other feature highlights include a panoramic sunroof, traffic sign recognition, and a seven-inch infotainment system.

Fiat Fiat Fiat Fiat

Somewhat more importantly, the Fiat E-Ulysse will be sold with a choice of two battery packs of which the smaller is a 50 kWh and the larger a 75 kWh. On the WLTP cycle, the latter offers a claimed range of 205 miles. Both battery options drive energy to a front-mounted motor that produces 136 horsepower and 192 lb-ft. 100 kWh fast charging is fitted as standard and can replenish 80% capacity in 45 minutes.

The range will be produced at Stellantis's plant in Hordain France with the order books already open for consumers in Italy, Germany, France, and Austria. A market introduction into the USA is highly unlikely as is, but there is an opportunity for this technology to be applied to a future Ram product. The E-Ulysse is already badged as an Opel for some markets, so it's not a stretch to imagine Stellantis rebadging it for the US market.

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