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Why the Pontiac Fiera will live on forever.

The Pontiac Fiero was a lot of things: potential fire hazard, official Indy 500 pace car and the first Pontiac two-seater in almost forever. The Fiero will be forever remembered for none of these things. Instead, Pontiac's short-lived sportscar will probably go down as one of the most awesome platforms for car conversion enthusiasts ever. If you have never seen the glory that is a Fiero Lamborghini, then continue reading on. And even if you have, I'm willing to be that you've never seen a Fiero boat before.

Not much is known about this converted Fiero motorcycle. What we do know is that it appears to be able to seat three and is perhaps the craziest conversion on this list. Props to the rider for acting as if it's completely normal to be riding around on a motorcycle that also doubles as a late 80s sportscar.

This Fiero Lamborghini Miura proves that not all Fiero conversions are ridiculous. This one is actually pretty sharp, and looks damn near identical to the legendary Miura built in the late 60s and early 70s. The only knock on this conversion: it's still a Fiero under the hood.

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An ingenious Italian businessman found himself in some hot water over his faux Ferrari 355. The converted car looked every bit a Ferrari, but the man registered it as a Pontiac. Italian prosecutors took issue with this and charged the man with copyright infringement. Perhaps they were just jealous of the man's expert recreation and creamy leather seats?

As ridiculous as a Fiero motorcycle is, it's nothing compared to the Fieroboat. The Fieroboat is powered by an outboard motor and comes with its very own trailer. Not much else is known about the Fieroboat, but if you keep your eyes open you might see it on the water or on eBay.

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