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Fiesta is a Big Bet for Ford

As Ford continues to move away from trucks and SUVs as their "bread and butter" money makers, the new Fiesta now represents what Ford has in mind for the future. Classified as a B-Segment car, it is smaller than the Focus, but offers many luxury features such as heated leather seats, Ford's SYNC system, and an in-dash display unit. With a base price starting at only $13,320 and topping off at $17,100, the Fiesta is a great bargain.

Ford has finally picked up on giving their cars a proper interior on par with the foreign competition. In the Fiesta's case, it can easily be compared to any Toyota or Honda. The Fiesta may just be the right car for many who want something new but don't want to lack quality. The new Fiesta seems to fit the bill perfectly.

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