Fiesta Prototype Packs eWheelDrive

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Ford previews new electric powertrain tech with Fiesta prototype at its Lommel proving grounds in Belgium.

You've heard of front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Now meet eWheelDrive. Developed by Ford and German component supplier Schaeffler, the system places a pair of electric motors within the rear wheels themselves, thus freeing up the space usually taken up by the engine and transmission. Implemented on a Ford Fiesta three-door hatchback, the electric powertrain could allow for the extra space to be used for luggage, but the idea is more focused on making a smaller car.

With a smaller footprint and now axles to deal with, the compact urban four-seater could potentially park sideways as well. While the car isn't being put into production as is, Ford says it plans on further developing the concept for future production.

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