Final Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Has Been Delivered

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All 30 units have gone to their forever homes.

In 2019, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ became the first production car to break through the 300-mph barrier. Driven by chief test driver and Pilote Officiel Andy Wallace, the Chiron hit a top speed of 304.773 mph.

To celebrate the successful attempt, Bugatti said that it would build 30 units of the record-breaking car for its customers. The carmaker has now announced that the last of these 30 units was delivered to its owner, marking the end of Super Sport 300+ production. Production of the standard Chiron is also coming to an end, and the last unit will be delivered by the end of the month.

The newly-formed Bugatti-Rimac hasn't said much about the Chiron replacement. Mate Rimac said it will still have an ICE engine and won't share a powertrain with the 1,914-horsepower Nevera.


To get to 304.773 mph, Bugatti made several changes to the Chiron. Bugatti updated the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 to produce 98 additional ponies, increasing the total power output to 1,577 hp. Bugatti also designed new thermal management systems for the car's engine and gearbox, and it made refinements to the software keeping an eye on the engine, gearbox, powertrain, and turbochargers.

The 300+ was also a longtail version of the standard Chiron. Bugatti needed the air to flow over the car for longer to reduce aerodynamic stall by more than 40%. The air curtains at the front and the air outlets at the wheel arches were also redesigned to make the 300+ as slippery as possible.

You can tell it apart from other models thanks to the liberal use of naked carbon fiber, Nocturne magnesium alloy wheels, and the rear end that has been extended by 9.4 inches.

"In the long history of Bugatti, there are vehicles that come to define their era. The Type 35 transformed motor racing, the Type 41 Royale redefined opulence, the Type 57 SC set new standards for design, and now there is the Chiron Super Sport 300+, hitting speeds that were long thought to be impossible in a production car. Its achievements have secured it legendary status in the Bugatti history books, and we're delighted to have seen all 30 examples of the Chiron Super Sport 300+ delivered to some of our most passionate customers," said Christophe Piochon, president of Bugatti Automobiles.


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