Final Ferrari Purosangue Teaser Shows Off V12 Engine

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We can't wait to hear that V12 sing.

Tomorrow, September 13, 2022, the Ferrari Purosangue will make its debut. Make no mistake; this is a turning point for Ferrari. The brand has never in its history produced an SUV. Now, it will, and Ferrari is giving us one last teaser to check out before it debuts this historic car.

While it doesn't show much of the car, we do get to hear some of the upcoming SUV's V12. The soundtrack is laid over a sort of "Ferrari mood board," showing things like a field, a country road, and red LED lights. While all that's well and good, we're just glad it sounds like a Ferrari.

This could be a simple case of someone in the marketing department dropping audio over the footage, but we don't think so. Ferrari went to the effort of hiding the car's reveal date in a darkened teaser image.

To clearly see the text, you had to brighten the photo, something we industry types do to see if any additional details are visible in an image. So, we're betting that's the actual car in the teaser.

Unfortunately, Ferrari hasn't shared any info about the new naturally aspirated powerplant. We know it'll have 12 cylinders at least. Still, Ferrari has confirmed some extra bits surrounding the powertrain. We also think we saw some carbon ceramic brakes in the above teaser.


Ferrari will use its ever-present dual-clutch transmission, for example. This was always a bit of a given, seeing as Ferrari only makes the DCT, and we doubt the brand would want to dilute the "sportiness" of its SUV by using a more traditional automatic. It'll also use AWD, as this SUV is supposed to be a bit more usable than the rest of the lineup.

Unfortunately, much of the car remains unknown, at least for the next several hours. Despite a few leaks, much of the Purosangue is still under wraps. Ferrari has kept it that way despite the anticipation surrounding the car, and even the engine's output figures are largely unknown.

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Still, we can infer that Ferrari uses much of the existing V12 underpinnings in the Purosangue. It currently offers the motor in the 812, which can produce 830 hp in Competizione guise. We've also seen tuners push the V12 further than that. Still, we imagine outputs will fall far short of 830 hp.

Ferrari will want to ease the Purosangue into the lineup, and having its new V12 car, SUV or not, usurp the existing sports car in its lineup is a bad idea. We'll have to wait for tomorrow to see how all this plays out.

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