Final Lexus LFA Delivered

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After a limited run of 500 units, sales of the LFA supercar have finally ended.

Last month we reported the final LFA had been delivered to 68-year old Georgian Roy Mallady, who became the proud owner of the first - chassis #003 - and last LFA - chassis #499 - delivered to the US. Lexus is now reporting the last LFA has been delivered to a customer in Switzerland "marking the end of sales of the supercar." The distinction is that while #499 was the last customer-bound LFA to roll off the production line (#500 of 500 is museum-bound), this "whitest white" LFA is the last to be delivered.

Having been built at a rate of one car per day from December 15, 2010 to December 14, 2012, all have now found a home. #493 was the fortieth LFA to be sold in Europe, three of which went to a single customer. Upon taking delivery of his new car, Nicolas Schilling said "I was first impressed by the LFA's design, but it was when I heard the sound of the engine of this breath-taking machine that I knew it was my dream car."

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