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Final LFA Finds a Home

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LFA #499 has been delivered to the man who owns #003.

At the end of last year, Lexus announced it had completed its planned LFA production run of 500 units. And according to Auto Week, all 500 cars have now been delivered. As is the norm with supercars, the last model that rolled off the production line is museum-bound. So the final model to go to a customer is #499, which will soon be parked on Roy Mallady's driveway. Next to his Lexus LFA #003. Amazingly, the 68 year-old Georgian is the proud owner of the first and last of the 178 LFAs Lexus delivered to the USA.

Number 499 is finished in Steel Grey and comes with a red interior and gunmetal wheels. As you might imagine, he loves the LFA, describing it as "the greatest car I've ever owned." And he's owned quite a few. Over the years he's had three Porsches including a 650-hp 911, two Ferrari 360s, an Audi R8, a 700-hp Nissan GT-R, a Lotus Esprit, nine Lexus LSs, four LX SUVs and a SC400. Some of these cars were sold with barely 1,000 miles on the clock, but his LFA has gone through three sets of brakes and racked up 7,000 miles. Lexus will be celebrating delivery of the final LFA at a special event in Torrance, California, before heading to Atlanta where it will meet up with Number 003.

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