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Final Zonda Heads to the Track for Testing

It's no wonder Pagani has managed to break into the world of boutique hypercars, with the Zonda still impressing after all these years.

We recently delivered the news that the final Pagani Zonda, known as the Zonda Revolucion, had been made and finished in a glorious body color of naked blue carbon fiber. We’ve heard this from Pagani before, but it seems that the 800-horsepower $2.8 million beast could really be the last Zonda. In any case, we have some footage of one of the only five units to be produced out on the track, being put through extensive testing before it’s delivered.

The blue carbon fiber is covered with a protective layer of plastic, and will remain so until it's in the customer’s hands. It would be a shame, after all, to damage the finish before the owner even gets it.

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