Special Edition

Final Zonda Revolucion Finished in Blue Naked Carbon Fiber

This will be the final Zonda to roll out of Pagani’s factory in Modena.

When Pagani first revealed the Zonda Revolucion, it was said to be the last Zonda Horacio and his team would ever build. Priced at over $2.8 million a pop, only five were earmarked for production and, according to our friend Marchettino, this is the final one. It’s finished in a stunning blue naked carbon-fiber body with black wheels, and from the looks of things this could well be not only the last but also the finest Zonda ever built. A fitting tribute to an awesome supercar.

A more extreme version of the Zonda R, the Revolucion is more powerful and lightweight, with the AMG-built V12 tuned to deliver 800 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque and a body stripped down to just 2,360 pounds.

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