Finale: Wrecked London Aventador Towed to Lambo Hospital

Last episode in this tragic trilogy.

Over the last few days, we gave you ongoing details regarding the accidentinvolving a matte black Lamborghini Aventador in London. The crash video showedthe Aventador getting cut off by a Mazda minivan, before flying through the airand meeting a parked BMW 3-Series. We also showed you a walkaround videodetailing the damage incurred by the Aventador. Now, we have the final part ofthis trilogy – at least until the car is hopefully restored and sent back to theroad.

Unfortunately their is no triumphant "Return of the __" title in the third installment of this trilogy, but check out the car being lovingly loaded onto a tow-truck before being taken away to its unknown fate: Maybe "Return of the Bull" will be part 4.

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