Finally, A Shelby Mustang That Doesn't Have A God Awful Interior

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If only it came as standard...

There are lots of things to like about the previous-gen Shelby Mustang. Not only was it the last 'Stang series to be overseen by the late Carroll Shelby, but they're often unrivaled in long drag races - especially the ludicrous, 850hp+ Super Snake models. However, the interior of these Shelby GT500s left a lot to be desired, with the construction quality being below par on even the bog standard Ford Mustang models of that time. Understandably, then, we now find ourselves with a Shelby Super Snake with the cabin truly deserving of such a beast.


Overhauled by Bulgarian car customiser Vilner, this Shelby GT500 Super Snake's cabin is almost beyond recognizable from the interior of the standard car. Vilner claims only the gear shift knob, door handles and dashboard panel have been left untouched, and we have no reason to doubt them. The modifications aren't just surface deep, either. Though the aggressively-bolstered leather-and-suede seats and vast swathes of Alcantara are the most obvious alterations, Vilner's also fitted the car with custom leather luggage bags and lots of new sound deadening panels (though not enough noise insulation to mute the rumble of that supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine), which probably makes this the first legit Shelby grand tourer.

There is justification for this special treatment. Vilner is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and this heavily-customized Shelby Super Snake is just one of a series of 'Vilner Studio 20 Year Anniversary' models. We have no idea what those cars are as of yet but, if they're finished to the caliber and the quality of this Mustang GT500, we'll be eagerly keeping our eyes peeled for them.


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