Finally, A Use For The Sebring

Let's face it, most kit-car replicas of expensive or exotic cars tend to be pretty hilarious. There are a few good ones out there (mostly Porsche 550's and some Cobras), but for every good one, there are a dozen Fieros with weirdly proportioned fiberglass that is failing to imitate the lines of a Ferrari. So when I heard that there was a '96 Chrysler Sebring that had been turned into a '09 Bentley Continental GT convertible replica, I was ready to laugh.

Then I saw it, and I'm disappointed to say that whoever built this one did an admirable job. The job isn't completely done, it still needs a few minor details like a dashboard and a top, but the work done so far is convincing. I can spot some small flaws, but I have a history with Bentleys that your neighbor is unlikely to have. The current owner is asking $21,100 for this and that's either a lot for a '96 Sebring or a steal for a '09 Continental GT, your call.

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