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Finally, Audi's Big Debut Of "Two" New Models

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Sort of cheating calling it two models, but we'll forgive Audi this time.

We would like to start off by saying we were quite excited about this new Audi debut, but when we were teased with the promise of two new models, we had hoped for a bit more variety. The sheets have now been pulled off, and the models in question are in fact the new facelifted A8 and the S8, barely different models at all. But the cars are really pretty impressive anyway, and headlights that work off of GPS is quite a thing even for Audi.

In addition to the new computer controls for the headlights, their design has been reworked as well. These, along with the new hood, bumper and grille give the front fascia a new look. There have been changes under the hood as well, mild power bumps have been given to the 3.0 V6 and the 4.2 diesel, although Audi seems much more proud of the reduced CO2 emissions. Those, as well as the other engines offered for the A8 (but not the S8), now have redesigned exhausts, which give the rear fascia a cleaner look. But perhaps the best improvement is a reduction in weight, with the new car weighing in at 85kg (187lbs) less than the outgoing car.

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The video basically says it all, although we'd like to point out that we're happy to see the Audi's racing drivers are every bit as terrible at acting as we would have expected.