Finally! C8 Corvette Has Officially Started Production

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Chevy's brand new $60k mid-engine supercar is a go!

After a rather unfortunate delay, the all-new C8 Corvette coupe has finally entered regular production at GM's Bowling Green, Kentucky manufacturing plant, marking a significant milestone in sports car history: the start date for the first production rear-mid-engine Corvette in history, and GM's second-ever rear-mid-engine production car.

The news was delivered Monday via Chevrolet's official Twitter, making good on GM's revised target of a February 2020 production start date. The bowtie brand's triumphant announcement was accompanied by a photo of a black C8 fresh off the production line at GM's Bowling Green Assembly Plant - the facility that's been responsible for every Corvette since the tail end of C3 production in 1981.
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As far as we know, Monday's start of regular production for the C8 Corvette won't impact the new sports car's availability for 2020; dealer allocations are still expected to be some 15 to 20 percent lower than originally anticipated due to the delay - a result of the UAW union's nationwide walkout in 2019.

But at the least, Chevrolet's announcement Monday provides hope that there shouldn't be any further delays before series production examples start reaching early buyers. Granted, today's announcement only covers the fixed-roof C8 Corvette coupe; it's unclear when the convertible will start regular production, but many pundits expect GM to reach that milestone sometime in April or May.

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While the C8 Corvette's production delay has been unfortunate, it's important for customers to bear in mind that things will eventually be set right; customers with 2020 orders that don't make the cut-off for that model year will get priority going into the 2021 model year, and Chevrolet has set no firm limits on total annual C8 production, so scarcity should not be a concern.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette starts at $59,995 after a $1,095 destination fee, before tax, title, and other fees, making it one heck of a performance bargain - production delays and all.

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