Finally! First Leaked Chevrolet C8 Corvette Image Has Arrived

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Let the striptease begin.

Up until now, we've only seen spy photos of the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette. Although some of those photos came directly from Chevy, the C8's precise styling details remained largely hidden. Today, however, this is coming to an end because the first leaked image has finally arrived. Thanks to Instagram user "AbsolutHank" via Corvette Forum, what you're looking at is, almost certainly, the final rear end design of the C8.

Unfortunately, the image is not of the highest resolution but it does appear to be the real deal based on the camouflaged photos. Supposedly, this shot was taken at the Corvette factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Truth be told, the C8's rear end styling does not appear to be radically different from the C7's.

Side View Charles Cronley via YouTube
Side View Chevrolet

The angular taillights remain, though they do look a bit more aggressive. Also, notice the quad exhausts at each end of the diffuser and the large vents directly above them. As we've also seen from spy shots is the full-width rear spoiler. What we're looking at here matches everything else we've seen so far. As for the exterior color, sources believe this is either "Elkhart Lake Blue" or "Rapid Blue." If you look closely enough you'll be able to see evidence of a bulging rear quarter panel and some of the rear glass. The combination of bad lighting and low resolution prevents us from seeing more, but this won't last much longer.

The big reveal is happening a week from this Thursday on July 18 in Southern California. There's a fairly good chance that additional leaked photos will appear online before then, so be on the lookout.

Side View MidEngineCorvetteForum
Side View Chevrolet
Side View Chevrolet

Only yesterday did we learn that the C8 will come standard with an updated 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8, dubbed LT2. Although it's very similar to the current LT1 in the C7 Stingray, it has received several upgrades that will not only make it more powerful but also enable it to be better suited for mid-engine design purposes. But in the meantime, what does everyone think of this leaked rear end shot?

Front Angle View Chevrolet
Front Angle View Charles Cronley via YouTube

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