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Finally! Fresh Details About The All-New Chevy Colorado

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Decisions have been made. Now it's development time.

The current generation Chevrolet Colorado and its corporate sibling, the GMC Canyon, date back to 2014. Minor updates have occurred since then but the trucks and platforms are aging. Time for a redesign, right? Yes, but it's not happening until 2023, at the earliest.

According to MuscleCarsandTrucks.com, the new midsize trucks were originally going to be developed mostly in Brazil but recent uncertainty in South American markets have forced GM to change those plans. Instead of riding on the current platform, codenamed 31xx, an all-new global platform will happen, which will be referred to as 31xx-2. Chances are this new setup will be an evolutionary upgrade as opposed to going in a more radical direction, such as an all-electric setup.

But unlike today's trucks, what's sold in North America is not identical to other markets such as Thailand and Australia. The platform is the same but the design and general execution is different. Expect the new Colorado and Canyon to be global models, meaning they'll look nearly the same everywhere. We're just fine with that because this will also allow GM to cut back on costs. Those savings could be put towards, for example, future SUV variants. Just the other day we learned a reborn GMC Jimmy is in the works and could arrive by 2022.

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If that's the case, it'll ride on the existing platform. But why would GM stop there? What about a Chevy variant? Or an eventual successor to the reborn Jimmy? After all, it's not like Jeep has any plans to discontinue the Wrangler and the new Ford Bronco hasn't even been revealed yet. Heck, GM is even considering a Hummer brand revival which could be yet another way this new platform could be put to use. One thing is for certain though: there are only good times ahead for off-road fans. Detroit is stepping up in big, big ways.