Finally! Here's A Toyota Corolla You Won't Automatically Hate

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How about this: it's powered by a Mazda rotary engine.

The Toyota Corolla. A car that's become synonymous with owners who have little to no passion for driving. To them, a car is simply an appliance and nothing more. Just as a refrigerator keeps your food cold and fresh, a car gets you to and from work. And the Toyota Corolla is ideally suited for their needs. It does the job. It's affordable and reliable. That's all they want. Today's Corolla doesn't exactly scream personality. But that wasn't always the case.

Starting back in the early 1970s, Corollas were fun little race cars in their home market of Japan. Above all, they made an impression, especially for Mike Muniz. Petrolicious caught up with Muniz and his 1973 Toyota TE27 Corolla. All told, it's had seven engines and the eighth is coming soon.

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Why so many engine transplants? Because Muniz is a serious car guy, having worked for Toyota, Mercedes-AMG and, presently, Tesla. He began to learn wrenching at 15, and he's never looked back. Since 1988, Muniz has done many things with this old Corolla. It's been a street car, drag racer, road racer, and, currently an homage to the TE27 rally cars. It's been with him for a long time, and he's never done working on it. That's part of the fun. You could say this car is his life's work.

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