Finally! Jaguar Land Rover Is Suing The Chinese Automaker That Copied The Evoque


About. Damn. Time.

This isn't a new phenomenon, Chinese automakers literally copying line for line the exterior designs of Western automakers. At first it was kind of funny, but it quickly got out of control and one automaker, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), has finally had enough. According to Automotive News, JLR is suing Chinese automaker Jiangling Motor for its alleged design rip-off of the Land Rover Evoque, the Land Wind X7. The Evoque, which is JLR's first Chinese-built SUV, has been on sale in China since last year.


The Land Wind X7 followed shortly thereafter. Take a look at both vehicles side by side and you'll immediately understand JLR's grievances. Thing is, it's going to be hard for JLR to win this copyright and unfair competition suit. Reason being is that it's expected to be very difficult for a global automaker to successfully win in a Chinese court against a domestic brand. Another issue, believe it or not, is public perception. JLR could be seen as "bullying" a smaller local brand, and that could hurt sales. However, if JLR were to win then this could motivate other global brands who've also seen their designs copied by Chinese companies to take legal action of their own.

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