Finally! Now Your Car Can Run On Beer

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Mixing driving and beer is now technically legal.

Are you a car fan AND a beer fan? Most of us are, but unfortunately the two don't mix well. New Zealand however has a new innovation that allows us to power our cars with a beer-blended ethanol fuel. Dubbed "Brewtroleum," engineers have extracted natural brewing residue from local breweries. The process is simple: The breweries distill the leftover yeast which creates ethanol, then it is refined thoroughly by Gull and finally a 10% ethanol and 90% premium gasoline blend is created.

This limited production idea started over a few beers according to head of DB Export marketing Sean O'Donnell. He informs us that almost 80,000 gallons of fuel will be produced, using 8,000 gallons of beer-sourced ethanol. Also, not only is this fuel super cool, but it supposedly helps clean your engine from excess water and corrosives. Due to its unique composition, it even emits eight percent less carbon while delivering the same high performance of a premium fuel. While this proves beer can do more than get you tipsy, we still don't recommend filling up your tank with pure Corona if you run out of gas on the freeway.

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