Finally! People are Getting Tired of Crossover Coupes

And the world will become all the better for it.

Some like them, some don’t and yet they’re still hard to categorize. We’re referring to crossover coupes, a segment that was unfortunately started by the butt-ugly BMW X6 back in 2008. Acura soon followed BMW with its crossover coupe, the ZDX, which failed miserably. Then BMW tried to exploit the segment even further with the absolutely horrid 5 Series GT. And it wasn’t even luxury car makers jumping on this bandwagon. Toyota launched the Venza and Honda did the Crosstour.

None of these cars are loved, and the sales numbers are proving that. A new report shows that sales of these models has dramatically plummeted in recent months partly because, well, people have realized how utterly useless this body style is. They may look stylish (that’s debatable) from the outside, but in terms of cargo space and rear seat head room, they kind of suck. Even BMW has admitted that X6 volumes have never measured up to those of the X5, but yet the 5 GT outsold its predecessor 5 Series wagon. The bottom line is now that people have lived with crossover coupes for a few years now and have discovered their pitfalls, the jig may finally be up.

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