Finally! Someone Has Started a Club for Van Lovers

"It's expensive to be cool."

The Vandoleros are a unique bunch. This Los Angeles-based club doesn’t really have any rules. You just have to get along with everybody. You also have to love vans. We’re not talking about minivans here. These are true full-size vans that drink too much gas, take up too much space, and are basically too much vehicle for many. But not for the Vandoleros. Whether it’s hauling around surfboards or music equipment, custom vans are their passion. Heck, you can even turn them into hot rods.

Vandoleros members also believe the time for the van comeback has arrived, and they could even potentially become a major part of hot rodding culture. Forget that whole "living in a van down by the river" idea. Vans are 70s rock and roll cool and bad ass street machines all in one. We’re sure Chris Farley himself would agree to that.

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