Finally! The Alfa 4C Hits the Track

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Now all it needs to do is hit showrooms.

It's taken way too long for this to happen, but we're still thankful it did, nonetheless. After a few years of waiting and some false starts, Alfa Romeo's all-new 4C is finally here. It was well worth the wait. This carbon fiber masterpiece may just be the best Alfa to hit the road in decades, and it's coming to the US. Production will be ridiculously limited and more than likely there'll be some serious dealer markups. Still, the 4C will hopefully set the stage for a rejuvenated Alfa Romeo in the US and in global markets.

Car spotter Marchettino was recently on hand to catch one sweet-looking 4C tear up the track at an event held by Top Gear Italy. Just listen to it: that's the sound of a turbocharged 1.75-liter four banger with 240 horsepower.

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