Finally The Mercedes-AMG GT R Looks As Menacing As It Sounds

Black is a much better color for the AMG GT R than "Green Hell Mango."

Mercedes-Benz recently showed the all-new AMG GT-R to the world, but just because the car made its public debut doesn’t mean the automaker is done fine-tuning it. Oh no, there is still some work to be done. Where better to do that work than at the Nurburgring? Here we can see the AMG GT R hauling ass around the track. While it’s great to see the GT RR running wild—and to hear it—the thing that caught our eye is its all-black paint job. This looks so, so much better than its debut green.

Said debut green is officially called “AMG Green Hell Mango” and was inspired by the Nurburgring. That’s a cool story and all…but this all-black ensemble suits the car so much better.

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