Find The History Of Your Classic Porsche 911 Online And Increase Its Value

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A new website allows you to learn all there is to know about your 911.

Porsche is a staunch supporter of its heritage, whether through offering modern tech for older 911s or ensuring its classic models are restored and kept in beautiful working condition.

Classic Porsches are big business too, and many models regularly change hands for seven figures. To that end, Porsche has announced an online service that'll help you track the origins of your classic Porsche 911 or other.

Porsche says it has kept documents and production information about its cars going back decades. The Stuttgart brand has said that, for the first time, these documents have been digitized and moved online. An online portal is up, and it will allow access to these archives. You'll need the VIN of the car you're looking for. You can also order a Porsche Classic Technical Certificate and other documentation via the portal.


The Classic Technical Certificate (CTC) and the Porsche Production Specification (PPS) may sound similar, but Porsche says they're very different. The PPS contains a car's original production car specifications. These include "optional equipment, exterior and interior color, engine and transmission type, production completion date," and the original MSRP.

Basically, it's any info your Porsche would've come with from the factory that may have been lost to the ages.

A CTC is essentially a step above that, per Porsche, and it sounds like it'll be the new gold standard for Porsche resale value. Getting a CTC for your classic 911 will include an inspection by a "Porsche technical expert" at a qualified dealership.


The inspection is a massive 63-point examination of your car, which includes inspecting the exterior, interior, drive system, underbody, and suspension, as well as professional photos of the car's interior and exterior.

Porsche will also toss in a detailed summary of the car's inspection from the technician in a "handsome package worthy of being displayed at your next meet-up."

Frankly, given the thorough nature of both, the pricing isn't all that bad. Porsche will charge $125 for the PPS, and CTCs start at $500 plus tax. You can also have your original Monroney, and personalized Monroney reprinted for free via the site, which we've linked below, though this is only for 2019 and newer cars.


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