Fire Hazard: Porsche Recalls All 911 GT3s

Company will examine 785 cars delivered worldwide this year.

After halting deliveries for all new models a few days ago, Porsche just announced it would recall all 785 911 GT3s delivered worldwide this year. The announcements came after several repeated fires in the company’s high-performance monster and most expensive model the market. The latest reported case was in Switzerland, where the driver heard an odd noise from the rear of the car, discovered an oil leak and shortly saw his car go up in flames.

The $130,000 car has also burst into flames in other locations in Europe, including one reported fire in Avellino, Italy. So far, there have been no official reports as to the cause of the fire, other than speculation about problems in the car's engine. Porsche’s announcement adds to the long, dubious list of recent automotive recalls, including VW, Chrysler and Toyota. Stay tuned for more reports about this GT3 debacle.

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