Fire-Risk Recall: Jaguar F-Type, XF and XJ

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Electrical problems? From a British car? Never!

Jaguar has issued a recall on some of its 2015 XJ, XF and F-Type models built between August and mid-September, as the British carmaker has identified potential problems with the cars' electrical systems and steering. In regards the electrics, the problem lies with the alternator's positive battery cable that could come loose, resulting in an electrical short and potentially a fire. With respect to the steering, Jaguar says the Front End Accessory Belt and/or the Power Assist Steering pulley has the potential of coming loose or detached.

If that happened, power steering assist would be lost, which could cause a crash. Only 272 vehicles are affected by the recall. Jaguar has also announced a separate recall for the F-Type, relating to the passenger seat belt tensioner system, which affects all of the 2014-2015 models. Thankfully, the recall is preventative in nature, as none of the aforementioned issues have yet to cause an accident.

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