Fired Top Gear Producer Reveals Just How Lazy The New Hosts Really Are

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Should we be worried about the show's future?

Apparently new Top Gear host Chris Evans doesn't work many hours on the show, so claims a Yahoo! UK report from earlier this week. However, an additional source has come forward claiming another new host works even less. Care to take a guess who? That'd be Matt LeBlanc. According to a now former Top Gear producer who was let go by the BBC, LeBlanc doesn't even arrive to the studio or location until minutes before filming is set to begin. In fact, his call time is 12:30 pm in order to accommodate his habit of sleeping all morning.

Unlike Evans, who wakes up at 4:45 am for his morning radio show, LeBlanc refuses to rise before 11:00 am. Then he has to exercise, eat, and gel his hair. It's even in his contract that he's to work only two hours per day, at most. Evans works on Top Gear for four hours daily. The ex-producer further claims the other new hosts, Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz, and Eddie Jordan, are now also demanding shorter workdays. Only Chris Harris is putting in the necessary hours to make the show happen. The countdown to the May premiere of the revamped Top Gear began with yesterday's trailer, and now that it's already April 1, we're kind of worried by what we've been hearing.

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