First 1,000 Next-Gen Mustangs to be 50th Anniversary Specials

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When the new Mustang rolls around next year, limited edition models will greet the first 1,000 buyers.

According to a Ford spokesperson, the first 1,000 examples of the new Ford Mustang will be special edition models. Autocar is reporting the limited edition model, dubbed the 2014.5, will be a 50th anniversary model based on Ford's next-gen S550 platform. Power will come from a 450-hp 5.0-liter V8 and there will be modest visual differences to help it standout as a special edition model. Previous special edition models include 35th and 40th anniversary editions, the GT Centennial Edition, and GT California Special.

The new Ford Mustang is tipped to make its premiere at the 2014 New York Auto next March some 50 years after the original was unveiled at the same venue. So far we've only spotted the highly-anticipated model wearing plenty of camo and heard the next-generation V8-powered GT while testing on public roads. Expect to see and hear more in the coming few months.

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