First Class Lounge? Lufthansa Has A Better Way Of Killing That Layover


Let's hope they serve the champagne after the Porsche is returned.

With airlines scrambling to fill planes and sell more seats on their flights, many have turned their focus to first class passengers. Seeing as it makes more of a profit on those very expensive tickets, the flying business knows that it must attract as many elite customers as possible, and airlines are now using some very creative measures to do so. Beyond flat beds and gourmet meals in the sky, high-end ground services offered in airports now include expansive lounges with spas, restaurants, sleeping rooms and even showers.

But now, Lufthansa has gone to a whole new level with a service it currently offers at Munich airport to first class guests flying with the company or one of its partners. The airline is offering a fleet of Porsches, allowing passengers to kill those dead hours between flights by taking a 911, Panamera or Cayenne out for a spin through Munich. For longer layovers, the airline even suggests some routes going through Lower Bavaria or the sub-Alpine region. However, even this service doesn't come free, with a 3-hour ride costing €99.10 and a 24-hour stint coming in at over €300. But hey, driving a 911 through the Alps sure beats trying to fall asleep on one of those airport benches, doesn't it?


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