First-Ever Audi A5 Wagon Looks Better Than The A4 Ever Did

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Audi's days of creating attractive wagons are far from over, but they might not wear the same names you remember.

Audi will soon call EVs by even numbers and gas cars by odd numbers, so what you're looking at here is not an Audi A4 Avant but an A5 Avant... which does not officially exist yet. These are the most revealing photos of the upcoming Audi A5 variant to date, and they reveal that the existing B9 A4's looks will not be changing drastically.

Audi has also lightly reworked the Singleframe grille with a new mesh design. From a distance, it looks like the four-ringed Audi badge will no longer float in the grille, but this is just temporary camouflage. Speaking of, the lights are pretty much the only elements we can't see clearly.

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The A4 is likely to get the option of high-end customizable Matrix LED headlights, as seen on the latest Q8 SUV, and we expect something just as exciting to be offered at the rear, likely utilizing OLED technology. While we're at the rear of the car, the taillight cluster will extend across the entire rear fascia, which has been massaged. At the front, the bumper gets vertical side intakes to match the styling of other contemporary Audi models, but like other changes, these will not be easily spotted.

Audi is not falling into the trap of giving one of its most beloved nameplates controversial styling, yet there are still elements that have clearly been obsessed over, such as the shape of the flush door handles. Overall, the new A5 wagon will be classy, restrained, and elegant.

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As evidenced by the yellow decal on the front windshield and the existence of a charging port on the left rear fender, this is a plug-in hybrid. A couple of years ago, a rumor emerged claiming that Audi was working on an RS4 with hybrid power, and although the name might change, we see no reason for Audi to stop selling performance-focused wagons.

We expect the electric A4 e-tron to arrive in 2025, so the A5 wagon we're looking at will probably break cover early in 2024 with a market launch in the latter half of the year. The entire range will have tweaked powertrains, greater efficiency, and more tech, but we'll have to wait for Ingolstadt to confirm more details before we can speculate on outputs.

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