First-Ever Ferrari SUV Officially Teased

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The Purosangue is almost here.

It may have leaked onto the internet a bit early, but Ferrari isn't about to let that spoil the build up for its first-ever SUV model. The Ferrari Purosangue is not the industry's best-kept secret; we've seen it testing since 2020 using a GTC4Lusso body as cover. Fortunately, the wait will be over soon, according to an official teaser from Ferrari.

The Italian automaker posted the following on social media today, "You've heard the rumors... and we're delighted to confirm they're true (some of them). All will be revealed later this year."

No more specific date was provided. Along with this slightly cryptic statement, the company posted the first official teaser image of the Purosangue in the classic Ferrari red.


Based on this image, we can pretty much say for certain that those leaked photos from last month are accurate. We prefer the silver to the standard red, as red prancing horses are a bit too "common" for our tastes. Ferrari's statement was slightly confusing upon first reading, especially the "some of them" part regarding the rumors. This is likely Ferrari's clever way of saying that the Purosangue is not a traditional SUV (sport utility vehicle); it will actually be marketed as an FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle).

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Silly naming aside, the Purosangue will take over where the GTC4 left off as the company's most practical model. It will likely feature the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 found in other Ferrari models, producing somewhere in the 600 horsepower ballpark. It's still unconfirmed, but the Purosangue may also offer a V12 variant. Either way, the FUV will send power out to all four wheels, making it one of only two Ferrari models to have all-wheel-drive (the other being the SF90 hybrid).

We look forward to getting more details about the Purosangue (likely more teasers) as the year progresses.

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