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First-Ever Range Rover Restored and Up for Auction

Mounting hills and ascending price tags for 44 years.

As thefirst production car to combine off-road abilities with an air of luxury and aristocratic charm, the first generation Land Rover RangeRover has grown to inspire the decades of SUVs that followed. And asthe first example ever to be built, this specific Rover is truly a symbol ofeverything that a luxury off-roader should be. Having been through a complete,six-year long restoration process, the first Range Rover is now up for sale inthe UK through Silverstone Auctions.

Thecar's ownership history is somewhat obscure, with a big hole in the records from 1975 to 1990. But a meticulous restoration process has returned itto its earlier glory, with its 8-cylinder, 3.5-liter engine ready to roll upany mountain or become the prized crown of any collection. The Range isexpected to fetch anywhere between£100,000 and £140,000 ($168,000-$235,000) when it crosses the blockat the Salon Prive event next month.

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