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First Ever Range Rover Sells For the Equivalent of an Autobiography Black

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The first RR sells for the price of the latest range-topping model. Which would you prefer?

If you had the chance to buy the first ever Range Rover – chassis #001 – or a brand-new Range Rover Autobiography Black edition, what would you go for? That's a valid question to ask as at the inaugural Salon Prive sale hosted together with Silverstone Auctions last week in London, someone bought the original RR for £132,250. Having been through a complete, six-year long restoration process, the model, which rolled off the production line on January 2, 1970, is in absolutely mint condition.

Returned it to its earlier glory including the Olive Green paint job, and the 8-cylinder, 3.5-liter engine primed to roll up any mountain and forge across fast-flowing streams, the RR looks superb. But – and be honest here – wouldn't you prefer a brand-spanking new Autiobiography Black Edition instead?

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