First Ferrari 458 Speciale Crushed by a Smart Car

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First Speciale crashes just weeks after worldwide deliveries begin.

It was bound to happen sometime, but why so soon? The first accident involving the brand-new Ferrari 458 Speciale has just been reported from Berlin, Germany, and it is even more embarrassing than we could have imagined. While it seems the Ferrari driver wasn't at fault this time- it was the other guy who ran a red light- it's still appalling to see what a Smart ForTwo could do to this 597 horsepower, $300,000-plus Italian beauty.

The first, painfully disturbing images have just come online from Germany. Car Spotting Berlin and BerlinRichStreets both hit the scene, reporting that the Smart driver ran the red light and was side-swiped by the 458 Speciale, which was driving at a high speed. The Smart flipped over a number of times before coming to rest on the median. As for the Ferrari, its front end looks to be completely totaled, while the rear-mounted 4.5-liter V-8 seems relatively unharmed.

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