First Images From The Grand Tour Season 2 Spill Some Interesting Details


We now have a good idea where the hosts will travel to and what cars they'll be driving.

According to James May, the second season of Amazon's The Grand Tour was slated to start this month, but we have yet to see any announcements confirming a release date. Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting its return so that we can see our three favorite blokes doing exciting things in cool cars. We still know very little about what will be in the second season other than Hammond's crash in the Rimac Concept One, which has caused obvious production delays. New images have just been released that give us some more details about the season.

Ellis O'Brien, Amazon Prime

The images reveal that the show will travel to Colorado, Mozambique, Dubai and the Swiss Alps. Other locations that show will visit include Croatia, Spain, and New York. We said that we wanted to see more cheap car challenges in season 2, and it looks like the show will answer with some kind of cheap Jaguar challenge. In a set of images, we see the hosts standing beside two Jaguar XJ sedans and an XJS, which is replaced by a newer XK. We can only assume that the XJS broke, and the host driving it was forced to switch cars. This Jaguar challenge will take place in Colorado on snow-covered mountains, which should be difficult in RWD cars.

In addition, we see photos of Hammond and Clarkson in Croatia, where the former is behind the wheel of an Ariel Nomad. Some other segments that we can point out from the pictures include Hammond driving a small tank in Dubai, and a trip to Switzerland where Clarkson will likely drive a Lamborghini Aventador. There will also be a cheap car episode in Mozambique that will feature James in an old Mercedes and Hammond or Clarkson in a Nissan pickup truck. These images will also be featured in a new book 'The Grand Tour Guide to the World' by Harper Collins, which is available tomorrow on Amazon.

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