First Ineos Grenadier Models Delivered In The Coolest Way Possible

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Nothing like a 2,000-mile off-road journey to pick up your new SUV.

With the Grenadier finally rolling off the assembly lines, Ineos obviously had to get cars to customers, but a standard delivery to a dealership just wasn't good enough. Ineos will have only the best dealers in the USA, but the first batch of deliveries had to be remarkable.

No, the brand decided the best way to show off and get some of the first vehicles to owners was by creating the 'Hard Way Home' campaign for three lucky owners to take delivery of their cars in Morocco's Atlas mountains before heading on a grueling off-road journey home.

The "delivery" would see the new owners traverse some of the most dangerous roads on the planet during freak rain and snowy conditions that genuinely made the ordeal a one-of-a-kind vehicle delivery experience. Land Rover better be careful. With moves like this, the Grenadier appears to be out-Defendering the Defender.


"We wanted to celebrate the handover of the first Grenadiers with a once-in-a-lifetime expedition for three lucky customers," explains Lynn Calder, CEO of INEOS Automotive. "It was an innovative campaign to engage our customers and followers. It was always intended to be a challenging trip, enabling the Grenadier's capabilities to shine, but the whole team got far more than they bargained for."

The 'Hard Way Home' campaign was only open to the earliest British reservation holders. The company asked those interested to post off-roading videos to social media, with the finalists being voted on to see who would take ownership of their vehicles in Morocco. Finally, Gemma, Zahid, and Ingemar were chosen for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once the three owners received their vehicles in Morocco, they faced a daunting journey that would take them on and off-road for thousands of miles as they drove all the way to their homes in the UK and Austria.


The journey wasn't intended to be a walk in the park, but it was more difficult than Ineos originally intended.

They were accompanied by Ineos employees, filmmakers documenting the trip, and, most importantly, professional off-road driving instructors. What should have been days of driving in the scorching heat turned into days of traversing rain-soaked roads, rising rivers, and the worst snowstorm the region had seen in ten years. By the end of the ordeal, we imagine the people running the event wanting to pull their hair out.

Detours were made, and plans were changed, but in the end, the three contestants and crew all made it out alive and with one heck of a story to tell. It's one of the most extraordinary ways we've ever seen a company deliver a vehicle, and we're sure the owners will never forget it.

It's also the perfect publicity stunt to prove Ineos is the real deal, not just because some famous race car driver says so.


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