First Interior Shots of 2012 Lancia Thema

As most know by now, Lancia has begun to take Chryslers and rebadged them as their for sale in Europe. Chrysler, which is sold in the U.K. does not have a presence in the European mainland, but Lancia has been a well-known brand there for decades. However, the Italian automaker, now a part of Fiat (as is Chrysler), is in desperate need of fresh product. What to do? Just a little badge engineering with Chrysler.

The Lancia Thema is simply a rebadged Chrysler 300. Everything, inside and out, is identical, except for the Lancia logo in place of Chrysler's. From the photos just released by Lancia, the Thema even retains the 300's blue-tone instrument panel lighting and analogue clock. Lancia did release interior pictures with lighter leather upholstery than what was originally shown for the 300. So there's that.

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