First Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4s Arrive In America

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The reboot of the supercar you had posters of as a kid, is just as desirable today.

We will be the first to admit the Monterey Car Week series of events is challenging to cover. There are dozens of events going on simultaneously in multiple locations around the vast Monterey area, meaning private events like the delivery of the first two Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 models may have slipped under the radar. But after we saw the images rolling in of these two retro hybrid supercars, we had to give this V12 duo an extra dose of fame.

The Lamborghini Lounge Monterey was an ideal backdrop for two buyers of the Countach to take delivery direct from the Lamborghini top brass. At the ceremony were Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lamborghini, Mitja Borkert, the Head of Design, and Rouven Mohr, the CTO.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

"As we initiate the first deliveries of the Countach in the US to our valued customers, it is an honor to present these masterpieces to their owners at the Lamborghini Lounge Monterey," claimed a visibly proud Winkelmann. "The Countach has inspired the Lamborghini design DNA for decades and it was only fitting that we delivered the new Countach LPI 800-4 during the world-renowned Monterey Car Week celebrating automotive excellence. It is always very special for me to experience the excitement and emotion a customer senses when seeing their Lamborghini for the first time."

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

Winkelmann has done wonders with Lamborghini, especially pushing the company's best-selling vehicle, the Urus SUV. The Urus Performante was revealed at Monterey, but all eyes were on these two supercars. Billed as the "futuristic limited-edition hybrid supercar," there will only be 112 Countach units sold globally.

That means beyond the two you see here, only another 110 exist, and since they sold out so fast, we expect the market price for them to triple soon. We've already seen someone asking nearly triple the $2.6 million MSRP. These two limited supercars will be the only versions in North America wearing the Luci Del Bosco and Bronzo Zante color schemes.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

As beautiful as these retro supercars are, the Countach is all business under the skin. The Countach LPI 800-4 is a mid-mounted V12 producing 769 horsepower with an additional 34 hp from the hybrid electric motor for a total of 803 ponies. The performance is on par with the best supercars in the world, with a 0 to 62 mph sprint of only 2.8 seconds and a run to 124 mph taking a blistering 8.6 seconds. The top speed? Try 221 mph.

With the expected release of the Countach 60 Anniversario special edition, these "base models" should enjoy at least a bit of time in the spotlight this year. While 112 of these will be produced, the 60 Anniversario will likely have an additional run all of its own, but will be even more exclusive.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

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