First Macan Crash Doesn't End Well

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Resulting impact with an Audi A4 wasn't pretty.

The new Porsche Macan is now in the hands of the public, a member of which has already managed to flip their new ride upside down. The first reported crash of the baby SUV has taken place in Poland, where the Macan suffered a head-on collision with an Audi A4 Avant. You could call it a sibling rivalry, but the result of the impact was pretty serious. After sliding off the road, the Macan hit a tree before flipping onto its roof, resulting in plenty of damage to the driver's side.

A 19-year-old was driving the Audi, while a 53-year-old was driving the Porsche with a 63-year-old companion. All three men were transported to hospital, where their condition remains unknown. While they should make a recovery, there's no coming back for the Porsche.

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