First Mercedes-AMG ONE Hypercar Delivered To Customer In A Sinister Spec

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Those Petronas colors seem to work even better on a black canvas.

Mercedes-AMG has released a trio of images showing the specification of the first AMG ONE hypercar to be delivered, and it looks like an otherworldly spacecraft. We don't know exactly when this car was delivered, but the social media posts of the specimen suggest that the customer took delivery late last year, while the German plates indicate it was delivered in Mercedes home country.

While most press photos to date have shown the car in silver or red, this particular example is dressed in a very dark grey or black, with a couple of Petronas green accents balanced by some red touches. Some development cars have been spied in more vibrant hues like yellow, but the finish we see here complements the sleek lines of the car remarkably well. That personalized plate is pretty cool too.


Shortly before the AMG ONE was revealed in June last year, Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kallenius joked that the board must have been drunk when approving the production of the hypercar. With its F1-derived engine, active aerodynamics, and hybrid components, the hypercar was immensely challenging to bring to the road. The fact that production began in August and AMG is only now revealing its first customer car illustrates just how complex the production of such a machine is.

Some customers complained about the delays, while others are just excited to finally have the opportunity to experience the closest thing to an F1 car for the road. Considering how comprehensively the ONE outperforms other AMG products, we'd argue the wait was worth it.


In addition to the ethos behind the creation of this F1-inspired beast, the ONE claimed bragging rights as the quickest car to ever lap the Nurburgring in November last year, beating the previous record holder by some eight seconds. Astonishingly, it appears that the ONE could have gone even quicker had it not been for "less than ideal" conditions throughout the day that AMG was attempting its runs.

Sadly, it's highly unlikely that the owner of this example will ever take it to the track. After a five-year wait and an asking price well north of $2.5 million, most owners will probably consign their ONE to a garage for life.


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