First Official Teaser Of All-New Audi R8 Shows Off Laser High-Beam Lights

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All together now: "It's got frickin' lasers!"

With just two weeks to go before the Palexpo opens its doors for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, expect to see a string of teasers, leaked images and official reveals over the next few days as carmakers remind us what they have in store for the Swiss exhibit. The all-new Audi R8 is set to be one of the stars at Geneva 2015, and this first official teaser shot reveals the supercar's new high-tech headlights. Offered as an option will be a laser high beam lighting module that debuted last year on the limited edition Audi R8 LMX.


Using four high-intensity laser diodes grouped into a single module, the laser high beams have almost twice the lighting range of LED high-beams. A phosphor converter transforms the blue-light laser beams into pure white light, while the laser headlights will be recognizable via a blue light signature. The R8 will come standard with an LED headlight system featuring 37 LEDs per headlight. Check back for a full reveal of the car, which is expected any day now.


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