First Photo of the Renault Clio Surfaces

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The Renault Clio has been leaked in a group shot showing four of Renault's new models and concepts.

A photo has just been leaked out of Renault of what we suspect to be the new Renault Clio concept. From a source at Autoscoops, we can see an image with four of Renault's models. From right to left, we see the Renault Frendzy ZE Concept, the R-Space, and the Captur model. The furthest back and on the left is a small red hatchback, a new model in the French automaker's lineup. The tentatively-titled Clio features a pair of too-large for the hood headlights and a sporty appearance.

The new model is expected to feature a 1.0-liter TCe engine that puts out a meek 85hp. Other engines that could also feature on the hatch include a 105hp 1.2-liter TCe and 1.4-liter motor with 136hp. Two more powerful versions of the Clio include the Gordini with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine that puts out 190hp and the Clio RS that bangs out more than 200hp. Renault is also offering several diesel motors that have outputs ranging from 75-130hp. The Renault Clio Concept is set to debut at the 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show beginning next week.

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