First Photos and Details: Dartz's New MOJO and JO-MOJO

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Dartz will soon be launching two all-new high-performance models.

There's no doubt we've been long-time fans of Latvian automaker Dartz, as they're truly one-of-a-kind. Not long ago we even had a complete interview with the company's founder, Leonard Yankelovich, where he discussed everything from the brand's philosophy and even a Russian saying that roughly translates to "go big or go home." And now, Dartz is expanding their product portfolio beyond the Prombron armored SUV with two new two-seater performance cars.

With names like the MOJO and JO-MOJO, it only makes sense that Dartz has something to do with this. Few details have been announced, so for now all we have are these few photos. What's obvious, however, is that the new cars feature a glass top that slides to the rear in place of conventional doors. Since Dartz is anything but conventional, they're one of the few automakers out there who can get away with this. Power for the MOJO will come from a still unknown gasoline engine that will reportedly deliver top performance. The JO-MOJO all-electric version will utilize solar power to some capacity.

Dartz says an official debut will be taking place next April at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco Show. Overall, we're excited that Dartz is branching out from the Prombron and into some fresh territory. But the question remains: Will buyers still be offered a free MOJO and/or JO-MOJO when they purchase one of Dartz's $1 million bottles of vodka?

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