First Photos Released of Melkus RS2000 GT and GTS

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Melkus, an old racing and sports car company that was started in 1959 in the then East German city of Dresden, has released the first set of pictures of their new RS2000 GT and RS2000 GTS sport coupes. After closing its doors in 1986, the company started up again in 2006 and soon launched the RS1000. Both of the new cars are powered by a new and more powerful turbo engine. Full power figures were not announced, but the RS2000 GTS reportedly has an output of 350 hp.

Many details remain unannounced, but each of the cars have a carbon body and interior kit, an AP high performance braking system, an OEHLINS adjustable suspension, along with other racing features. A lightweight body kit has been added got the GTS for aerodynamic improvement which also gives the it a more aggressive appearance over the GT. There's also a front spoiler, rear wing, and a new diffuser. An automatic dual clutch transmission with a paddle shifter is also available.

Customers can also choose nearly any exterior paint color and/or metallic combination they'd like as well as the leather trim color. Other options include air conditioning, nav system, and a rear view camera. Pricing starts at €122,000 for the GT and €148,000 for the GTS with a limited run of 25 units per year.

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