First Production LaFerrari On Sale for 2.38M Euros

This could be your only chance in years to pick one of these up.

Ferrari will make just 499 LaFerraris, all of which were said to have been presold before production began. Yet, one has just popped up for sale at SEMCO GmbH in Germany. The flagship hypercar was originally priced at 1.3 M Euros when Ferrari unveiled it at the Geneva Motor Show, but the seller has decided to tag on an additional million Euros because he knows that he'll have no trouble getting it.

The red model for sale has just 200 km on the odometer, so the hypercar is as good as new. The 963-hp beast can sprint from 0-62 mph in less than three seconds. While the LeFerrari may not find a buyer that quickly, you can be certain it won't be on sale for long.

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