First Range Rover EV Could Be Here Sooner Than You Think

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Flagship SUV could see substantial modifications in the next year.

The Range Rover Evoque has been a hit ever since it first debuted back in 2011. Although the refreshed 2016 model just broke cover, the focus is on the future and a report from Autocar that says a seven-seater is planned for 2016. It says the idea is to bridge the gap between the Evoque and the Sport. Physically and price-wise that gap is pretty damn big, but a seven-seater should do a lot to help close it. However, more seats isn't all that Land Rover has up its sleeve.

The report goes on to say that what looks to be a disguised extended wheelbase Evoque has been seen in recent weeks on British roads. This suggests that a seven-seater is less of a rumor and more of an unconfirmed reality. Engine options will range from a turbocharged four-cylinder to "top-end V6s." The 2016 model is expected to be the company's first all-electric offering with an estimated max range of 300 miles. If Land Rover can offer customers a cheaper, greener, option than the Sport that's still just as big, then everyone wins, except Porsche.

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