First Rezvani "Beast" Supercar Enters Production

Will be made in the US by DDM Works South Carolina.

In an attempt to quash any doubts regarding its future prospects,supercar startup Rezvani has announced that its new supercar, aptly named "Beast",has already gone into production. The Beast 500, based on the underpinnings ofthe Ariel Atom, will put out 500 horses from its 2.4-liter twin-turbochargedfour-cylinder engine. It is reported to be extremely lightweight, weighing inat just 1,550. The power and weight combination will allow the Beast toaccelerate from 0-60mph in 2.7-seconds.

Rezvani’s first car will be built in South Carolina by DDMWorks, an Ariel Atom specialist. The Beast Launch Edition will be priced at$124,000, with later models expected to begin at $139,000. The company is alsooffering a Beast 300 for $99,500.

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