First Rimac Nevera Customer Car Arrives In America

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As you'd expect, it looks incredible.

The first US-spec Rimac Nevera has finally arrived in the country, with Manhattan Motorcars Inc sharing photos of the unique delivery process on its Facebook page.

Finished in a subdued shade of grey, the all-electric hypercar looks surprisingly restrained. Lashings of exposed carbon fiber blend in with the dark exterior paint and work well with the gunmetal-colored alloy wheels. Not much is known about this particular vehicle, but Manhattan Motorcars is a New York-based purveyor of fine automobiles, so it's safe to assume this Nevera resides on the East Coast.

With 1,914 horsepower on tap, the Nevera is a seriously quick electric vehicle. It recently broke a string of records, including the fastest-ever 0-249-0 mph sprint (just 29.93 seconds) and a blistering 0 to 60 mph time of 1.74 seconds.

That makes the Croatian creation even quicker than the previous record holder, Pininfarina's 1,877-hp Battista.

Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook

While this is the first customer car, it's not the first US-spec model we've seen. In August last year, the company shared images of a white-painted example with a red interior. Like that car, the vehicle seen here sports a few details not seen on other Neveras. The bumpers, for example, have been fitted with federally mandated side marker lights.

Unfortunately, there are no interior images, but it appears the owner specified dark-colored upholstery to match the menacing exterior. As you'd expect from such a high-end car, the scope for personalization is vast. Rimac has previously said 36 colors are offered (including the gorgeous Calypso Green).

Customers can even choose between three different types of exposed carbon fiber.

Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook

In July 2022, the Nevera received approval from the EPA and California's Air Resources Board. While WLTP estimates place the hypercar's range at around 342 miles, local agencies have rated the car at a more realistic 287.28 miles. That's still impressive and matches everyday vehicles like the BMW iX M60 (288 miles) and the new Audi Q8 e-tron (285 miles).

Just 150 examples of the bewitching Nevera are expected to be made. Priced at over $2 million, the Rimac is costly, but the electric hypercar will surely provide plenty of emissions-free thrills for those who can afford it. Former F1 championship Nico Rosberg received his car last year and, like the one pictured above, Rosburg also went for a discreet finish with black paint and a black interior.

According to company founder Mate Rimac, two more Neveras are being delivered next week. We can't wait to see what they look like.

Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook Manhattan Motorcars Inc/Facebook

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