For Sale

First Shelby GT 350 VIN #0001 for $495,000

If you've got the cash, you’ll still have to figure out the right-hand drive issue.

This stunning 1969 Shelby GT 350 convertible, the first GT 350 ever to be made, has just gone up for sale by the owner. Carrying Australian plates and equipped with a right-hand steering wheel, the car has 51,400 miles on the clock and is being offered for sale by DuPont Registry. Proving its first-made status, the Shelby has VIN number #0001, and is RHD Registered on the American Shelby Register. It is powered by the original 351 V-8 engine.

With a power-folding parchment top, the car rides on unique Shelby 15 x 7-inch aluminum-centered chrome wheels. In the rear, a center-mounted center-exit exhaust system completes its awesomeness appeal, though awesomeness comes at a staggering price: the owner is asking 495,000 USD for this unique auto.

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